Bill Livingston

A native Californian. William still lives and calls the Los Angeles area his home base of photographic operations. Robert Manning Livingston, William’s father, and a graduate of the Hollywood Art Center, was a painter and instilled in William a painter’s sense of composition and color palette. Robert lived by the adage that” it takes two artist’s to paint a picture; one to paint and one to tell the other when it’s done.” This collaboration has served William throughout his career as a commercial photographer working with other “artists” in recreating their visions.

While attending The Art Center of Design, William accepted a commission from Major League Baseball to create action portraits of selected players. This led to a 20-year career of photographing major professional sports such as: baseball, football, basketball, and hockey, as well as NASCAR and soccer.

In 1984 William won a CLIO along with Chiat / Day Advertising for his photography on the Nike campaign. With this background of sports, lifestyle advertising was the next logical step and is the current base of William’s photography to date.